When you demand quality, dependability, and integrity, Accurate Firestop is the clear choice.

Accurate Firestop has 20+ years of experience in the firestop and insulation industry. Our goal is to provide the ultimate customer experience through superior installation, safe practices, and high-quality products.

We believe teamwork to be the most effective way to complete a project. That’s why Accurate Firestop strives to partner with our customers as a team, always as a team.

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Firestop Sealants

Firestopping is used to fill the gap between one fire-rated assembly and another. Most commonly for top of wall, bottom of wall and wall to wall applications.

Our firestop sealants:

  • Are a approved system or EJ
  • Can produce up to a four hour rating
  • Adheres to the full fire-rating that is required per building code
  • Are tested UL systems or Engineering Judgements

Firestop Penetrations

Through-penetration firestop systems are designed to restore the hourly rating of fire resistive-assemblies that have been breached due to penetration by electrical, plumbing or mechanical items.

Said items are vital in modern building construction, which often times requires them to pass through fire-resistive floor or wall assemblies.

To maintain the fire-resistant properties, large openings are cut through the wall or floor, and the penetrating items are installed, leaving an annular space around them.

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Fireproofing is used as a preventative measure to keep steel from reaching a weakening temperature.

Accurate Firestop & Insulation offers cementitious, board, and intumescent fireproofing applications. Cementitious fireproofing, the faster application rate of the two, can still be left exposed, but the finish is not as polished.

Board Fireproofing is a dry application form and can be left exposed.


Thermal insulation refers to the materials, methods or processes used to reduce heat transfer. It helps maintain the temperature by preventing heat from escaping or entering an area, keeping an enclosed area, such as a building, warm or the inside of an area cold.

When a space is well insulated, it is more energy and cost efficient by preserving a stable, consistent temperature.

Additionally, most forms of acoustic insulations work as a buffer to absorb noise and vibrations coming from outside of the room.

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Acoustical Sealant & Spray

Acoustical sealants are used to fill the gap between acoustically rated assemblies or penetrations, most commonly for top of wall, bottom of wall and wall to wall applications. This particular sealant is not fire rated and does not provide any form of fire safety, but is smoke resistant and makes the gaps in conjoined areas more aesthetically appealing.

Acoustical Sealant & Spray also helps achieve the STC ratings required for Sound and all of AFI’s applications are tested UL Systems and Engineering Judgements.

Endothermic Applications

Endothermic applications are non-flammable, low smoke emitting and extremely flexible wrap-coverings that are used to protect key structural and electrical components from heat. When the application is exposed to high temperatures it releases chemically, bound water to reduce heat in the impacted area.

  • Up to four hours of protection to structural steel components
  • Up to three for electrical components
  • Two hours for open wall membranes

Companies that trust us

“Daley’s rough carpentry division has partnered with AFI on two exterior rain screen projects that required Roxul Cavity Rock, La Entrada Middle School in Menlo Park (5,000 SF) and Laurel Grove Apartments in San Jose (57,000.00 SF project). They provided competitive pricing, helped with maintaining schedule, great team work between their crews and ours. It was nice to not have to worry about installing Roxul since they had it handled. Look forward to working with them again!”

Paul Martin, Estimator – Project Manager,
Rough Carpentry Division / Daley’s Drywall

“Accurate Firestop’s entire teams dedication and commitment to delivering successful projects sets them apart from their competitors.”

Ron Mello, Project Executive
Coffey Building Group

“Their teams collective knowledge, expertise and execution of projects has always been a key element in every successful project.”

Curtis Sequra, Sr. Project Manager
Coffey Building Group

“Working with AFI has been a pleasure. Along with the exceptional customer service, they understand the give and take of being a business partner.”

John Silveira, Sr. Estimator – Project Manager
Daley’s Drywall

Accurate Firestop prides itself on commitment and integrity. The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority, which contributes to the gratification of our employees. If there is a problem, Accurate Firestop will always find a solution.

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