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“Accurate Firestop continually exceeds our expectations regardless of the size or complexity of the project.”

Ron Mello, Owner – Project Executive /
Coffey Building Group

“No matter the given situation or job type, Accurate Firestop will meet or exceed expectations.”

Adam Barbee, Estimator – Project Manager /
Daley’s Drywall

Firestop Sealants

Firestopping is used to fill the gap between one fire-rated assembly and another. Most commonly for top of wall, bottom of wall and wall to wall applications.

Our firestop sealants:

  • Are a approved system or EJ
  • Can produce up to a four hour rating
  • Adheres to the full fire-rating that is required per building code
  • Are tested UL systems or Engineering Judgements

Firestop Penetrations

Through-penetration firestop systems are designed to restore the hourly rating of fire resistive-assemblies that have been breached due to penetration by electrical, plumbing or mechanical items.

Said items are vital in modern building construction, which often times requires them to pass through fire-resistive floor or wall assemblies.

To maintain the fire-resistant properties, large openings are cut through the wall or floor, and the penetrating items are installed, leaving an annular space around them.

Various types of fire-resistant materials are then installed within that open space, around the penetrants, to prevent flames and hot gases from passing through.

All of AFI’s applications are tested UL Systems and Engineering Judgements.


Fireproofing is used as a preventative measure to keep steel from reaching a weakening temperature.

Accurate Firestop & Insulation offers cementitious, board, and intumescent fireproofing applications. Cementitious fireproofing, the faster application rate of the two, can still be left exposed, but the finish is not as polished.

Board Fireproofing is a dry application form and can be left exposed. The application of intumescent fireproofing is aesthetically appealing, while still achieving the necessary, regulated fire rating.

All of AFI’s applications are tested UL Systems and Engineering Judgements.